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General Terms and Conditions

In order to make a smooth reservation and then successfully participate in our programme we kindly ask you to read the following conditions.

Booking Procedure

Decide for the optimal course or program for you. Read the detailed programme carefully through: requirements, dates, equipment, etc. As soon as a definite decision has been made, please fill out the online booking form for the programme. Send us the form by e-mail. The booking is valid upon arrival at the Freeride Center Sölden. If a camp is unlikely to be conducted, due to the lack of participants, we will immediately inform you. After your inscription, we require a payment of 50 % of the program price. Once we've recieved the deposit, we will send you a written confirmation of your insription. The full payment is due 7 days prior to the commencement of the camp, except when stated otherwise.
General Terms of Contract

1. Tour cancellation by the client

If a client withdraws from the contract a reimbursement fine of € 30.00 will be charged.
21 days prior to tour commencement 30% of package rate less then 21 days prior to tour commencement 60% of package rate up to 5 days prior to tour commencement 100% of package rate.
We strongly urge all clients to purchase a trip cancellation insurance. The insurance will cover, under the available conditions, all costs that occur when resigning from a contract.

2. Tour cancellation by the Tour Operator
Each training course or tour has an application deadline and a minimum of participants. The Freeride Center MOrandell reserves the right to combine groups or to cancel the tour if the minimum of participants is not reached by the deadline. In order to ensure that the tour can take place, the client has the right to pay the extra charge for the missing person.
No further claims are possible.

3. Cancellation prior to tour commencement
If the weather- and/or natural conditions, by order of the authorities or circumstances beyond one's control, should endanger the safety or even make an activity impossible, the Freeride Center Morandell reserves the right to cancel a trip or change to a different region. The clients will be informed if a cancellation lies before. Full refunds will be given in this case. No further claims can be made.

4. Insurance
It is the clients' responsibility to be adequately insured. However, the Freeride Center Morandell recommends all participants to conclude an extensive accident- and health insurance for the type of activity booked.

5. Waiver of liability
For the management and the conduction of tours and training courses, the Freeride Center Morandell employs solely guides as assigned and approved by the Austrian Mountain Guides and Ski Instructor Association. However, with the consent of the conducting mountain guide, a competent mountain guide apprentice, as approved by the Austrian Mountain Guides and Ski- and Snowboard Association, may be asked to assist in a tour or in a training course.

According to law, the Freeride Center Morandell holds a release of liability for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss caused by negligence on the part of the assigned mountain guide or apprentice. Over and above that, no claims can be made for any negligence resulting in accordance with the choice and instructions of a mountain guide or apprentice.

All mountain guides and apprentices employed by the Freeride Center Morandell, for conducting tours and training courses, possess a professional indemnity insurance. On signing the application form the client commits himself by contract to assert all claims to the mountain guide, or rather his professional indemnity insurance.

6. Court of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction is in Silz. All disputes are subject to Austrian law.
The general terms of contract, made by the Freeride Center Morandell, are accepted by booking a program.

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